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Fitness Classes

I currently teach classes at NMSU-Grants and The Dance Center on Roosevelt Ave, in Grants.

The schedule is as follows for November 3 through December 23, 2014.


Barre Fitness: A low-impact, high intensity workout that focuses on utilizing the ballet barre, handweights, medicine balls, playground balls, and bodyweight to strengthen and tone muscles while elevating the heart rate to burn calories. Perfect for any fitness level. Class time - 50 minutes.

Kettlebell: A heart-pumping, challenging workout utilizing a kettlebell. 7 - 10 lbs is recommended for beginners. 45 minute class time.

Tabata Bootcamp: High-Intensity-Interval Training program using bodyweight moves and resistance bands for muscle toning and fat burning.

Yoga Barre: A fusion of yoga moves, pilates, and barre focusing on strength, flexibility, and balance.

Gentle Yoga: Gentle stretching to improve flexibility and relaxation.

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