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The Adventures of Designing Stroller Classes!

I thought it was going to be a piece of cake working up my stroller fitness classes. Boy was I wrong! It's been an ongoing process figuring out what works...and I am still trying to figure it out.

My original plan was to hold them at a park here in Grants, Truman Park. It's not the nicest park (there's some grafitti,etc.), but it has a walking path that goes around and plenty of shade. I took the girls there to "test" out a class.

This park was a bad idea. There are NO bathrooms. No port-a-potties, nothing! It's kinda crazy. Even if you make your little ones go before you leave the house, inevitably there will be a need for a potty at some point. So that location was OUT! I found out the hard way and ended up sprinting to my house.

Next obstacle was the battling the complex mind of a toddler. When we got to the park, my kids did NOT want to be in the stroller. They saw the playground equipment and had to make use of it. So I thought, "I'll let them play while I push my stroller around sans-kids and try out my class format." That was a big FAIL too because my little ladies wanted me to play with them! My youngest kept chasing me crying while I was going around the park, "Mamamamama!!!" INSERT CROCODILE TEARS.

So I have come to the conclusion that this camp will be an evolving class. We will try things. Things may not work. Kids may not like some stuff. We may have to adapt. But we'll figure it out and get a workout in regardless!

So for any moms out there interested in exploring the unpredictable world of Stroller Fitness, come try it out with me! We're starting September 9, Mondays & Fridays, 10 am - 10:45 am.

Bring a stroller, water/snacks for the kids, a blanket or mat or towel to put on the grass, and appropriate clothing for mom & kiddos.

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