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Overcoming comparison, competition, and jealousy

I wanted to touch base on a topic that isn't talked about much - how do women deal with issues of competing or comparing bodies, physique, successes, etc? 

I was thinking about this topic as I watched the Victorias Secret fashion show. I was jealous of their flat tummies, long lean legs and perky chests. And then I had a reality check: that is their job. Many of them were genetically born with those body types or work several hours a day with professionals to keep it that way. They aren't perfect- many in fact would say they are too skinny. But they get paid the big bucks to look like that and if we all could look that way we'd all be VS models. But we aren't.

We are all guilty of this at some point. You see a perfectly trim celeb in a magazine, the fit gym rat with perfect muscle tone, the skinny mom in her skinny jeans at the mall....and the thoughts creep in. "I wish I was 10 lbs lighter," or "I wish I had her thighs" "Why can't my tummy be flat..." 

It happens. We all get envious of other women in our lives at some point. Some of these women we will never meet, and some might be our sisters, best friends, co-workers, or trainers. The important thing is to recognize when this is happening and combat it with positive thoughts.

We are each on our own journey and we each have our own struggles. That woman with the perfect thighs might be so unhappy with her chest size. Or the woman who looks so "skinny" might have a hard time gaining weight and is very self conscious about it. The perfect fit looking gym goer might struggle with food issues. So we really can't assume someone has a perfect life based on their looks or lifestyle.

Every now and then this happens to me and I start to get down on myself. I just simply remind myself that my life is good, I have many great features and things to be thankful for. Everyone is fighting their own battles.

Say it out loud: I am beautiful in my own skin. I work hard to take care of myself. I have no reason to be jealous or compare myself to other women. I am just doing the best I can do!

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