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Weekly Workout Schedule Aug 25

Here's your Weekly Workout Schedule for August 25 - 31!

Sunday (Steady State Cardio)- 
8 mile Run (or 1 hour of walking/jogging/running/etc)
Monday (HIIT) -

30 Min Walk or Jog in the evening

Tuesday (Lower Body)-
AM: 30 Min Walk/Jog - Aim for 2-3 miles
PM: 45 Min Lower Body Tabata Bootcamp Class OR 32 Minute Ultimate Butt/Thigh Workout Video

Wednesday (HIIT Cardio/Abs) -
AM: Itty Bitty Cardio Routine from TIU

Thursday (Upper body)-
AM: 45 Min Walk/Jog (Aim for 3-5 miles)
PM: 45 Min Upper Body Tabata Bootcamp Class 

Friday (Total Body Toning) -

Saturday (Your Choice) -
Whatever you want! Hike, yard work, house cleaning, Zumba, Yoga, etc!

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